June 16, 2020

– Anzeige / ad – Brands mentioned & linked – Hello loves! I hope you are well :) Here’s a look from last weekend when it was still a bit coldish and I could wear jeans, now it’s way too hot for that! These jeans I’ve had for a while already and posted them last year on the blog, but then after moving and putting everything into boxes I somehow forgot about them until the other day while organising the closet I found them again, yey. I just love how oversized they are and the fun crossover closure <3 They are from r13.

The sandals are from Isabel Marant and I fell in love with them, since we won’t be travelling a lot this summer and will spend most of our time here in Berlin it was time to get some comfortable everyday shoes that are good for the city. I have Birkenstocks at home now, cause the fluffy ones are a bit too warm hehe, and I just love how comfy they are, but these are a bit more fun with the thread flashes and silver closure, work well with any look and most occasions, just what I like!

The last two days Klemens and I have been super busy fixing for Casa Cozy, we’ve been getting plants for the balcony and a big Ficus lyrata for the living room, will show soon! We also got colour for the balcony, a lot of new deco stuff have arrived, will show all that soon too, and it’s just really starting to feel like a home now! Apart from that we’ve been working on the new little Mikuta collection which will come this summer, it’s incredibly slow after Covid-19 and everything takes 3 times longer, but it looks good and hopefully we’ll be able to launch it end July/beginning of August. Also the shirt dresses and sweaters will be back latest next week <3 We are also working on new jewellery pieces, quite a lot of them, so that is exciting to see how it goes and if you like them! I love them all but there are some pieces that are extra extra nice, can’t wait to show you :)

Anyways, I hope you have a great evening! Lots of love xx Mikuta

Jeans – r13 / Shoes – Isabel Marant / T-shirt – Zara / Bag – YSL / Jewellery – Mikuta 


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Ria June 17, 2020 at 1:36 am

Love those sandals! It’s already way past jean weather here in Miami, so brutal.


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