Scandinavian simplicity

November 18, 2016

mikuta-skagen-7mikuta-skagen-12mikuta-skagen-4mikuta-skagen-2mikuta-skagen-14mikuta-skagen-1mikuta-skagen-10mikuta-skagen-3mikuta-skagen-8mikuta-skagen-9mikuta-skagen-11mikuta-skagen-13-1Hello! I love scandinavian design, it’s innovative, functional and all about simplicity. It is also very stylish, every time I go back to Sweden to visit family or to Copenhagen I’m amazed by how everyone is dressing so well in every little detail, how all the coffee places and restaurants are perfectly decorated and also their homes.

Today I wanted to show you my new watch, jewellery and bag from Skagen, if you don’t know them already, it’s a Danish brand which make accessories and home goods for the scandinavian design lovers. Their pieces are timeless, elegant and modern with clean lines, as you can see on the pieces I’m wearing. The Elin bracelet and necklace are made out of steel with mesh on the sides, I paired the dark blue mesh Hagen watch together with the bracelet because as much as I like simplicity, I like to wear many bracelets. I think they fit perfectly together and I really love the mesh, it’s the small details that matter. The bag is the same colour as the watch, again very simple with clean lines, zipper and an extra handle. Every piece is fun and uncomplicated. Apart from the Skagen accessories I wore an off-white straight coat, black jeans and white sneakers. Simple and nice!

Apart from dressing simple, I also spend a lot of time drink coffee. In Sweden we call it Fika which is when people get together to drink coffee and most of the time eat cakes or something together with it. We Scandinavians spend a lot of time doing that, every day and sometimes for hours! In Denmark and Norway you can call it Hygge I think :) So wearing these pieces, having a cozy time and drinking coffee is definitely my Skagen moment!

In collaboration with Skagen.

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Deborah Sara January 2, 2017 at 5:19 pm

Where is this coat from? It looks so simple clean and perfect!

xoxo from Switzerland

Emilie November 23, 2016 at 3:11 pm

Great Coat, I really like the colour :)

xoxo from Germany,

ELFIE November 21, 2016 at 6:41 pm

Heard about Skagen in Poland :) love everything here – the coat + all the details are a perfect combo! xo


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