August 19, 2018

– Anzeige/ad – Post contains adlinks –It’s Sunday again, the cosiest day of the week, so relaxing and no pressure. Been at home all day, drinking coffee, pinning on Pinterest, organised a bit in the flat, listened to loud music and just been chilling all day, mostly because I had to stay home waiting for my suitcase which would arrive any time during the day… Finally it arrived after 7 days, yay, so now all my things are back together and I feel very calm :)

One place I’d rather be though is the place in the pictures above, what a relaxing day! We had just arrived to Hvar, we’re a bit tired from the flight and my suitcase situation and decided to just chill the afternoon and shoot the next day instead. Well it was so beautiful there so we took some pictures anyways, but we mostly chilled. We got a sun chair each, had some swims and just enjoyed the new place! That’s definitely my favourite part of summer, sunset at the beach, been writing this before but oh it’s so nice! Love when the sun goes down and it’s not so hot anymore and you just lay there <3

Now it’s time to get out a little bit, get some air! Have a wonderful Sunday loves!

Lots of love xx Mikuta

Bikini – Faithfull the brand / Hat – Lack of color / Towel (sold out) – Mums handmade

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