May 2, 2018

Hello loves and diary! The long weekend is over and it’s back to work, it’s been some amazing days here in Berlin and the city just becomes so energetic as soon as the sun comes out, this is why I moved to Berlin, I just love it when everyone is out, going to the parks, hanging by the canals or outside the bars drinking mate. All the bikes are out again and the sun goes down after 8pm! I’m stuck in between moving or staying in this city, some days I want to move and others I want to stay, but these days definitely want to make me stay and specially because we have all our amazing friends here <3

On Sunday it was 25 degrees so we organised a bbq in Friedrichhein with a group of friends, we met at 2 and left at 9 in the evening just enjoying the sun, eating, drinking, playing game and being together! A perfect Sunday and what I hope we will have more time to do this summer, last year we weren’t in Berlin at all almost so this year hopefully we can. Work is important but friends, family and happiness is more!

Lots of love xx Mikuta

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