April 27, 2018

Hello loves and diary! In the beginning of April Klemens and I went to Seoul with Samsung, it was an amazing trip which I’ll post about here in the next days, after Korea we went straight to LA for Coachella because it didn’t make sense to fly back to Berlin in between. Luckily Sara and Diego let us stay with them for some days in their new house and we had some cozy days together before the crazy festival!

The day that we arrived we were so jet lagged, we flew over the Pacific ocean and it took 11 hours, since we flew at daytime we were not tired at all and all the movies were so good on the flight so we stayed awake the whole time, and when arriving to LA it was morning so we had the whole day to stay awake which was really hard! But Sara and Diego welcomed us with cold drinks on their terrace and a yummie taco night, so it was all good! The second day they took us to the Rose Bowl market which is open every second Sunday. The markets are apparently really famous in LA but we never went to any, so this was really exciting. It was so hot so we went straight to buy a cold lemonade, check out the sizes of those cups! Everything is big in America, haha! The market was really cool and huge, I was so amazed by all the amazing things you can find there, from furniture to clothes and jewellery, there were so many cool pieces and I was so sad I couldn’t bring it with me home to Berlin. Such a difference from the markets I go to in Berlin or Mallorca. I got one thing though, a pair of vintage Levi’s shorts, I’ve been searching for so long and been stealing my sisters from time to time, and finally I found some that I really love. So yey!

After the market we found a cute van with shadow where we chilled for a while and took some photos before we went for lunch at Sawyers in Silverlake. The next days we enjoyed the city, drove around, prepared for the Revolve festival and enjoyed each others company! Some really nice days with our favourite Spanish couple! <3

Have a great weekend loves! xx Mikuta

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Celia Meylán April 29, 2018 at 2:00 pm Reply
AnnCha April 29, 2018 at 1:29 pm

It looks amazing, stunning pictures!! And you two, guapas!!! Kisses

Paulynagore April 27, 2018 at 11:55 pm

You look stunning ! Loved your pictures and your style !


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