– Anzeige/ad – Brands linked and mentioned –Hello loves, I hope you are great! We arrived on Mallorca last week and have been mostly catching up with my family, had lots of cozy time, dog cuddles, friends, beach time and also some work/shootings. I’m so happy to finally be back here, didn’t meet them for so long so it’s been so nice to just be together again <3 We are staying in my mums place by the beach and last night we slept outside on their terrace. Don’t have a ticket back yet but staying as long as we can, until we have to go back or until we start missing Casa cozy too much, haha. We have also been helping out my sister and her boyfriend with their new house which they have been reforming during the last years, it is finally almost ready and today Klemens helped build their big table for the terrace, looks so good. I hope they can move in before we leave so we can stay there some days, they also have a little guest room for us so it’s perfect :)

Yesterday we went super early to the beach, we left at 7am already and were by the beach at 8. It’s just too hot these days, 37 degrees, and being by the beach during the day is almost impossible. So we walked around in Deia town for a bit, took some pics, and later we went down to the beach around 9am until 1pm when it was still quite empty and bearable. I either like to go to the beach super early or super late, also when the light is the most beautiful!

The main thing I wanted to show you on this post are these new pieces I’m wearing. The bag is from Messed studio and the shoes are the new colour from Dirty grey <3 I’m so proud of these pieces because the brands are from my mum and sister! The shoes are from my sis and the bags from my mum, handmade and made here on the island. As you maybe know I’ve been wearing the Dirty grey shoes for years already, every year she changes or adds new colours and models, but this year she released black ones which I love, fits perfectly with anything. Messed studio was launched last year with one bag but this year she launched two new bags and this one is the raffia bag in natural, it also exists in black or orange, with raffia, Nappa and leather. Love them <3

Now it’s Friday evening and we’re having a drink on the terrace as I’m writing, later it’s bbq time and to enjoy as much as we can! Have a great weekend loves!

Shoes – Dirty grey / Bag – Messed studio / Watch – Kapten & son

Lots of love xx Mikuta



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Andrea December 10, 2020 at 10:42 pm

Gosh, I miss summer when I see this 😍 The dress is super cute btw. The open hem, sleeves and fit are everything 🖤 Thanks for sharing! XO

Ester y Leticia August 3, 2020 at 3:22 pm

El vestido es precioso y estás ideal
Besos y feliz semana


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