August 25, 2018

Hello from the country side! Now we’re been here for two days and time passes quite slow which is nice, there’s not so much to do and the days are so long. We’ve had fun though, the first night Klemens mum had a big birthday party with all her friends and the next day we had a long breakfast with her and her boyfriend celebrating her before they left for the weekend. Now Klemens and I are here taking care of the house and having real cozy time with the sheeps and Indie the cat. Lets see what we’ve been up to so far!We finally went to the bakery! The first time Klemens brought me here we went to the bakery early in the morning to buy buns, I really loved it and wanted to do it every time we came here. Unfortunately we always woke up too late and here people are up so early and the buns are sold out directly. Now we finally managed, yey!

Cosiest breakfast situation and incredible buns <3

It’s been raining back and forth and I’ve had to run in and out from the house, managed to read a little on the grass while Klemens was working on a new table.

He’s remaking their table which is almost 20 years old and quite unstable. It’s looking good so far, he’s such a handyman!

When I have no obligations and nothing to do I get really bored, I have a hard time to relax and do nothing, so I annoyed Klemens and asked him to take some photos of me with the sunflowers so I got more content for this post :)

This morning making coffee before getting the buns, love the cups here and the kitchen <3

Yesterday evening the weather was good and we decided to have a little BBQ, I wore this cute sweater I got on sales from American Vintage. Big bisous!

Klemens was going wild with the fire, I wanted lots of fire and smoke for the pictures and he ended up burning his hairs on his arms :O Was funny but also a bit dangerous.

I cuddled up in my Marc O’Polo knit blanket that we brought from Berlin and had some rosé while Klemens was BBQing.

And last we have a happy and relaxed Mikuta in cozy clothes! This is what we’ve been up to so far, just hanging around the house enjoying some time off <3

Have a wonderful weekend and until tomorrow! xx Mikuta

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Mireia Estefano August 31, 2018 at 12:39 pm

Love the sweater!!! =)


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