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September 15, 2020

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Hi guys, hope you are all well and safe! It’s me here (Klemens) writing once again – doesn’t happen that often, but when, it is even more special… :)

You might remember my post from last year about this backpack called “Helsinki” from Kapten & Son – but the black version. This time I got the all grey one – still my favorite backpack since! In last years post I talked about how I do not use a dedicated camera bag for our gear as I like to pack “modular” – I like to repurpose the backpack from a gear-bag to a day-bag easily, so when we arriving in a place, I can quickly throw out most of the tech-stuff!

This time I wanna talk about the build and my favourite pocket in this backpack: the structured vegan material on the outside gives this backpack a pretty expensive / high quality look and feel: and it is high quality – after using the black Helsinki for a year now, he didn’t get a scratch! I love the bottom “box-pocket” that has quite stiff walls and floor which lets you put the bag down without it falling! It’s a really nice thought out feature – really annoying when you have to lay or lean bags/ backpacks because they just wouldn’t stand up!

I use this “box” on the bottom of the backpack mostly for electronic accessories such as camera-, laptop-chargers, hard drives, card reader and power banks. When un-zipping this “boxy pocket” you can bend the rest of the backpack 90° and get a perfect overview of the contents – love this, no digging around in the backpack or it’s pockets without seeing anything!

Ah yeah – almost forgot to quickly write about the photos above… We took these on our weekend-getaway in Mallorca – We went for a long weekend within our total 5 weeks we ended up staying on the island. Jacks and me love these trips where we can disconnect from most other stuff and focus back on just taking photos – and then this just seems to come so easy compared to when we are having our other “every-day-life” stuff around.

Anyways – this is it from me, Klemens, talk soon again – cheers!

Watch – Crush Silver “Steel“ by Kapten & Son

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