December 17, 2018

– Anzeige / ad – Sponsored by Samsung Deutschland –Hello loves! Last week we were in Switzerland for some wellness days together with Samsung using their new Galaxy Watch. We arrived to this beautiful place with views over the mountains where we would stay for two days doing different activities such as yoga, meditation, dog sledding, nutrition and cooking workshops, etc etc. A lot about well being and disconnection which is important in todays society with all the technology and stress we find in our every day situations.

The Galaxy Watch come in three different designs, a rose gold watch and a midnight black watch in 42mm and one in silver which is bigger and more sporty in size 46mm. Klemens and I got the 42mm watches in rose and black and learnt how to use the features of the Galaxy Watch for our own well being.

Before digging into the different features I wanted to talk about the coolest part about the Galaxy Watch – it now has LTE connection which means they are always connected even without your smart phone. This means you can leave your phone at home, disconnect, go out, do your thing without being connected all the time and still receive the notifications you wish to receive on your Galaxy Watch wherever you are and whatever you are doing. The new battery life lasts for days so there is no stress needed.

Now let’s see what we were up to and which features we used!Unfortunately there wasn’t much snow the days we were there, it had just melted away so our dog sledding didn’t go as planned. Fortunately we could still cuddle with the dogs and even though there was no snow we took them for a walk for some exercise. They were very excited to be out (it was their first time this season) so they walked really fast and dragged us with them in the nature.

The Galaxy Watch have a lot of features for any activity you might do, they are either already installed or you can install them easily in the settings. It counts your steps, measures your heart rate and your stress levels (which I found very interesting, I tend to get very stressed and measured by stress level several times those days to be able to understand in which situations and so on), and another feature I love which is the breathing exercise to calm down. We also took a little climbing train up to the mountain where we had a nutrition and cooking workshop, learning about healthy eating and how to cook it. Of course we used our Galaxy Watch for this workshop too by taking photos of the food we were about to cook with our Galaxy Note9 using Bixby Vision. Bixby notices the type of food, you select the amount and it tells you the nutrients such as calories, proteins, etc etc, which you add to your Food tracker. This automatically adds to your Galaxy Watch as well which makes it easy to track your intake for a healthy and happy belly!Next up we have sports! I did some Yoga and Klemens worked out in the gym. This time we used the Activity tracker on the watch, I put my settings on Yoga and the target on one hour. After the session I could see how many calories I had burnt and how I had performed. Same with Klemens in the gym. You can choose almost any sport activity or workout style, you can just add whatever you need in the settings.One of my favourite features is the Sleep tracker. I had never used it before and was really amazed after the first night. To track your sleep you have to sleep with your Galaxy Watch (not uncomfortable at all) and let the watch track your sleeping by measuring your pulse and noticing your movements. There are different sleeping stages – restless, REM, light, deep and the tracker tells you how many hours you slept and the percentage of the different stages. I had mostly light sleep and will try to get more deep sleep. It’s interesting how you can use the Galaxy Watch to keep track on all of this, the stress levels, our motion and eventually maybe understand our bodies better to in the end get as much deep sleep as possible which is the goal. Lastly I wanted to talk about about the customisation you’re able to do with the Galaxy Watch. There are a lot of different straps you can change to with just a click, in different leathers for a more classic look, fabric straps for a casual look and silicone straps for a sportier look. Klemens loves brown leather with his mostly black outfits and I got a black leather strap which I think looks great with the rose golden watch. We also got a really cool Recco strap which transmits signals when you’re lost, for example if you get lost in the snow while skiing, very smart for sport actives!

The watch face is easily changeable by just pressing down and holding the watch face, there are several designs installed that you can swipe through but you can also download more or even upload your own photo or design. A new individual look for every day :)

So this is what we were up to on our little getaway in Switzerland, we also had some lovely dinners with a lot of cheese by the fire meeting new interesting people from all over Europe!

Lots of love xx Mikuta & Klemens

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