May 16, 2017

Hey guys! On Saturday we had a really nice day together with a bunch of bloggers from Germany together with Reserved. They arranged a little workshop with still life and beauty photographer Piotr Stoklosa and it was just really amazing! We started off with some really nice lunch, it was so beautiful that it was hard to actually dig in, but once we started we couldn’t stop…until it was time for Piotr’s presentation. He showed us some of his work and some insights on how he shoots, arranges the products on set and some fun stories behind the shootings. We were all amazed!

After the presentation it was time for the workshop, we teamed up in groups and I started with creating still life compositions together with beautiful Laura,  who I brought with me that day. We had to create compositions with different Reserved accessories, flowers or anything else we could find. It really isn’t as easy as it looks like, there are so many things to think about, how to get the perfect arrangement, reflections and light. In the end we created our images and loved them!

After that we got dressed in Reserved’s new collection pieces, got our hair and make up ready and got some pictures taken before we ended the day!

Now to some even more fun for your guys –

On Wednesday 17th of May Reserved is opening their first store in Berlin, (Tauentzienerst. 18) from 11am – 20pm and the first 100 guests that arrive get 50% off on their shopping, how great!

There are also lot’s of activities going on during the day such as a styling competition where three participants create the perfect outfit, the public later decides the winner. The 1st place gets the whole outfit, the 2nd place gets 50% off the outfit and the 3rd gets 25% :)

There are 3 floors of the new Reserved store here in Berlin and on every floor different activities take place.

There will be a DJ, sharing box, patch station, phone cases graving and make up and hair station and kids face panting for the little ones, etc etc!

Everyone is welcome, so exciting!

Lots of love xx Mikuta

In collaboration with Reserved.

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