January 12, 2020

 – Anzeige/ad – Brand tagged –Hello loves! The time has finally come to continue with Casa Cozy, as you know we had a long break and didn’t do much here because it got so hectic with the Mikuta clothing and jewellery and other work so we couldn’t take the time to build. Then it was Christmas and everything… but now we are back! YEY!

This morning we woke up super excited to work and the sun was shining and it was such a great day! There is a lot of things that we have to do now, we will be focusing on this the whole January and February so we get it done asap, but we have to finish painting the walls, finish the floor, build the kitchen and build the bathroom, do you think we manage in this time? I hope so, at least the most of it :) We’ll see! But now the days are getting longer, it gets brighter every day and we are just super excited. I have to admit it got a bit tiring in October after all the months of hard work here in the apartment, so I think it was just good that we had a break – now the batteries are charged and we’re ready to go!

Here are some pics of what we did today, let’s take a look!First of all, I have my pink working suit! I actually got this jumpsuit even before we got the keys for the apartment, but I was so excited to use it for the building cause I always wanted a pink working suit. But then when we started renovating it was summer and it was just way too hot to wear it, but now it’s perfect! It’s from Madewell, but since I got it before summer I don’t know if they still have it.

So today Klemens spent the day working on the floor, he takes away the old glue and wood mix from the gaps in between the wooden planks. It’s really hard and takes forever, but he managed to get quite far today. It looks so much better when its clean in between the boards, since we didn’t take it away before we painted the floor looks very uneven if it’s not cleared out.

I continued painting the walls with the chalk colour from Kalklitir. I already did it in the kitchen room in October but now it’s time to do the bedroom/hallway! We are using a very light beige/grey colour called Carrera which gives a little more depth and structure to the walls. I’ll show you how it looks when it’s done :) But you can see the Carrera colour on the walls behind Klemens in the photos!

Well, that’s all for today! We painted and did as much as we could before it got dark, now time to sleep and tomorrow we continue again!

Lots of love xx Mikuta


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