July 20, 2020

Hello loves! Finally another big step forward in Casa cozy – our steel wall has arrived! As you know last year (crazy it’s been a year already) we tore down the walls. We had two walls very close together with a staircase in between just in front of the bedroom, so we took both walls down including the stairs, and since we wanted as much light as possible through the apartment we decided to do a window wall instead of a normal wall. We will also put in a new stairs, but this will come later.

Luckily Klemens old neighbour is a metal worker and took on this job to build the wall! We already made a blogpost about the building process in his workshop which you can find here. It’s been taking a while but since we anyways had so many other things to build in the apartment it wasn’t so necessary until now, but now I just can’t wait to finally move in downstairs with our bed <3 Anyways, the last two weeks we spent at Klemens mums house at the country side and apart from being cozy in the nature we were also helping (mostly Klemens) building the wall and getting it ready to bring to Berlin. On Wednesday it was finally time, we loaded it on the trailer and drove 3 hours to it’s new home – Casa cozy!The wall is made of several parts but we were so worried they wouldn’t fit through the stair case, the other option would be to lift them up though the window but in the end it all worked out perfectly with minimum hustle, and they weren’t even as heavy as we had thought, yes! The second day the guys prepared everything, laid it out on the floor, made all the holes for the screws and made sure the walls, roof and floor would support it.The third day the wall was already up, the guys worked really hard non-stop, drilling, cutting threads into the metal, screwing and adjusting.Since the walls, floor and roof are all uneven they had to put wood on the edges around the whole steel wall, but we will paint that in the same colour as the wall so you won’t really see it.And here it is – our new wall! The windows are still missing, but we will get that asap, and then we will of course have curtains which we can close when we want privacy. We also need to cover the blank “silver” metal parts which you can see in every cross, welding section, and then we will oil the steel so it’s protected from corrosion.

We are super happy with the wall, we were a bit worried about how it would look like, specially since we decided this so long time ago before we did anything else in the apartment, but I think it will look great later when we have the furniture and it all blends well together. So excited now to clean up the mess and move down our bed and finally sleep in our own bedroom again <3 Now we just need to finish the bathroom and get the stairs and we’re kind of done!

Here’s a new video with more insights from the heavy wall-building days <3

Lots of love xx Mikuta + Klemens

Click/tap on video to play :)


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Ester y Leticia July 27, 2020 at 12:47 pm

El post es genial
Besos y feliz semana


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