August 14, 2018

Hello loves and happy Tuesday! Sorry for no post yesterday, I’ve been so good with updating every day lately, but yesterday was just another flight disaster…of course! Feels like every time we fly lately we’re unlucky. So yesterday we left Hvar to go back home to Berlin, we were supposed to arrive during the day but ended up coming back home after midnight with no suitcases. I got so angry in the end that we just left the airport, so now I’m not sure where the bags are. I hope we get them soon, I’m just so tired of the airlines and airports after our last trips. Also the suitcase situation, we had to tape my suitcase with duck tape (hopefully it didn’t open up somewhere in between…wouldn’t be surprised with our luck) and yesterday Klemens little Rimowa with all the computer and camera equipment didn’t open up either, the lock changed the numbers again by itself and we had a huge stress moment because we had to shoot. Anyways, it opened up and we’re happy, about that at least :)

Well well, no more negativity, it will all work out! <3 Here are some happy pictures from the day before yesterday when we had our last evening in Croatia. We had such a cozy afternoon, after we had shot everything we had to shoot we packed our swim bags and rented some sun chairs on the cliffs and just relaxed and read our books. I’m so into my book at the moment, The hypnotist, can’t stop thinking about it and just saw they actually made a movie about it too… can’t wait to watch it after I finished the book.

That same day when Klemens was swimming he actually accidentally stepped on a sea urchin, he had black little sticks all over and later when we took the photos together he got stung by a bee! None of these things have ever happened to me, what are the odds it happens to him in one afternoon? Haha, well he is all fine now but learnt that next time we go we bring swimshoes, no matter how ugly they are :P

Now we are back in Berlin for the week, feels good to be home. Have stuff to organise and lots of new content for you guys! It’s not as hot anymore and soon it’s time to bring out the sweaters, kind of missing them <3

Have a wonderful Tuesday! Lots of love, xx Mikuta.

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Emilie August 14, 2018 at 5:30 pm

Great pictures from you and the coast. Looks like a lot of fun <3

xoxo from Munich,

Jacqueline Mikuta August 16, 2018 at 1:21 pm

Was a lot of fun! Thank you <3


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