July 25, 2019

Hello loves! I realized I didn’t post this yet so here it comes! Some pictures from our Keyhole warming party, I’m not sure if this word actually exists but Klemens made it up and it sounds fun! Makes sense, we had a party with our friends to celebrate that we got the keys to our new apartment!

The apartment was completely empty but we brought two chairs, a table, some decoration and some pillows and invited our friends in Berlin! Looking at these photos make me so happy, I’m so grateful to have found such amazing and lovely friends here, it’s our little Berlin family and we love them all so much! <3

For the party we arranged some buckets with ice and drinks, ordered a lot of pizzas and hung mostly on our balconies talking until late late! Beautiful memories to start our new chapter!

Lots of love xx Mikuta

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Izikova July 25, 2019 at 10:25 pm

You surely had so much fun! Those pics must be a nice souvenir. :)
Greetings from Poland!
Izikova ./


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