September 20, 2019

Hello loves and happy weekend! Here are some pics from some weeks ago when we sandpapered the floor with this big machines! We will oil and wax the floors next week, so therefor we had to sandpaper off the old wax/top layer to make it nice a light again. This took us 3 days in total to finish, I used the big machine, Klemens and Konrad used the angle grinder to sandpaper the corners and they also put in wood into the places where the walls used to be and some other stuff! Such great teamwork! <3 I’m so happy we have such amazing friends who love to help! Can’t wait for all the pizza and champagne parties we will invite them to as soon as we are done!

Now the floors are sandpapered, we have to oil it, but first we have to clean up everything because it’s so dusty still. Today we got our new radiators which the plumber will install next week and there’s still LOTS to do!

Unfortunately the electrician has to come back and re-do all the holes for the sockets… we want the round Bakelite sockets but the holes are too close to each other so we won’t be able to have them. We already have all the sockets here, so now we have to re-do it! ahhh a bit of miscommunication with our electrician, but it will be fine! Then we have to finish the walls with the last plaster layer, paint the walls before we put the radiators and so on… After that we have to start with the kitchen and the bathroom!  One more month until we have to move in but we will make it! YEY! Luckily we can move in upstairs where we have a functional kitchen and bathroom, so all good, it’s just very small, but we manage :)

Happy Friday loves xx Mikuta



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